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​We help owners, directors and managers navigate one of the most sensitive & important aspects of their business:
the remuneration and reward of key staff.


With more than 25 years of experience advising on executive remuneration, measures of performance and reward programs, owners, directors and managers rely on Juno Partners for independent, credible & practical advice on this sensitive and important aspect of their business.

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Incentive plans

Incentives and profit sharing programs for senior executives and others are a key part of modern remuneration practice. 


But poorly designed incentive programs can be very damaging for employee morale, customer relationships and most of all shareholder value.

Juno Partners are specialists in incentive plan design.  With more than two decades of experience, we can help you craft a program that will drive sustained gains in the value of your business.

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Remuneration benchmarking

To attract and retain senior executives and non-executive directors it is vital for Boards and owners to understand the market for talent in their sector, the mix of remuneration on offer and trends in remuneration practice.

Juno Partners offers independent, insightful analysis of remuneration practice in listed and unlisted companies to ensure our clients are best positioned to make informed decisions on this sensitive topic.

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Remuneration Committee advisors

For public companies, the remuneration of key executives and directors is subject to ever increasing levels of scrutiny.  Poorly handled, remuneration can become an enormous distraction for the Board and management alike.

Juno Partners provide vital independent support for remuneration committees, including review of the level and mix of executive compensation, incentive plan analysis, proxy advisor strategy, AGM planning and investor communication.

How we work with you


Understand your business and the challenges you face

We spend time to understand each of our clients, their operations, strategic objectives and challenges and the history of the problem they have asked us to address.


Depending on the engagement, this may involve interviews with owners, directors and key staff as well as a broader independent review of the industry.


Research and develop recommendations for change

Drawing on our experience advising clients in Australia and around the world on difficult remuneration problems, we develop a set of detailed recommendations for consideration by the Working Group, usually comprising key members of the Board or management team. 


Discuss and refine recommendations for change and win approval for implementation

Collaboration is a key part of our process. 


We look to draw on our client's deep understanding of their business, people and industry and combine that with our deep understanding of what works well and what to watch out for in remuneration to develop a robust and tailored solution for our clients.


Implement recommendations

Collaboration continues during implementation, with Juno Partners drawing on our experience to advise on the most effective alternatives, prepare material and present change to staff as required. 


Our independence and expertise in this field add credibility to changes implemented, which is often vital given the sensitive nature of remuneration in the employer/employee relationship.


Review and monitor for further refinement

While the review and implementation of changes to remuneration is usually an intensive period, in the months and years that follow, monitoring and where justified, refinement is vital for success.

A core part of our work is the ongoing support of our clients to ensure their investment in key staff is providing the best value for shareholders.

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